Eugene EmX in Action

From the New Flyer website, we find a video highlighting the EmX route in Eugene – which uses New Flyer’s low-floor articulated model – as well as a brochure page touting the advantages of bus rapid transit. Eugene’s application of BRT includes dedicated lanes, large station platforms, and as mentioned is a low-floor bus that allows for quick and easy boarding/deboarding for wheelchairs and bicycles, for which internal racks are provided, much like light-rail.

Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT, is gaining momentum in North America as a way to move mass transit riders quickly to a central location. Instead of building a fixed infrastructure, such as seen in rail applications, BRT uses rubber tired buses, express lanes, priority signals, and in some cases, dedicated lanes. Routes can be redirected quickly in the case of minor obstructions, or if traffic patterns change, new routes can be reconstructed without any major impact to investments already made.

New Flyer has been supplying buses to BRT systems for almost 20 years. Articulated, or 60-foot buses, are preferred for their high capacity and low cost of ownership. Advancements in vehicle and propulsion technolgy, coupled with New Flyer’s modular design, enables us to offer buses suited to any city’s BRT system requirements.

Watch the video

Additionally, here is a link to the FAQ page about EmX on the Lane Transit District’s website.

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