Where to go with Bus Technology

A number of things have been happening with the development of bus transit technology available in the United States in the past decade.

We’ve seen:

  • Widespread deployment of Diesel-electric hybrid buses in cities such as New York and Seattle
  • British-style double-decker buses on the Las Vegas Strip and now being evaluated in San Francisco
  • Special Bus Rapid Transit buses with many of the features of streetcars: Multiple boarding doors on both sides of the vehicle, wheelchair ramps, and articulated sections, with a very recent installation in Eugene and their EmX Green Line.

Also, not yet seen in the USA but frequently discussed are double-articulated high-capacity BRT buses like those in Curitiba, Brazil.

And, of course, transit buses come in several flavors which have been available for a long time but are not currently seen here in Portland, including 60′ articulated models and electric trolleybuses powered by overhead wires. Both types have been used in Portland in the past.

Consider this thread a good place to discuss various transit bus technologies, pros and cons, and how they might be applied here in Portland to improve transit service.

(Thanks to Al and Jason for the San Francisco and Las Vegas links, respectively.)

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