CRC Design Updates

From the latest Columbia River Crossing e-newsletter:

What’s happening: CRC design updates

  • Upstream bridge alignment removed from further study

    After careful study, the CRC project is removing the upstream alignment from additional active study because of its significant impacts to Fort Vancouver and its lengthier construction time compared to the other bridge alternatives. The upstream bridge alignment will still be discussed in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

  • Downtown transit options refined

    The CRC project has removed the Washington-Main couplet and Washington-Columbia couplet options from the transit alignment choices for downtown Vancouver. Both had negative impacts on traffic circulation in downtown Vancouver. The project is still considering Washington-Broadway and Washington two-way transit alignments for downtown Vancouver south of 16th Street/McLoughlin Boulevard.

  • Lincoln park and ride spaces reduced

    Thanks to input from neighborhood residents and community members, and findings from technical analysis, the maximum number of parking spaces for the Lincoln park and ride has been reduced from 2,400 to 1,800. Project staff consider four primary objectives as they develop the number of parking spaces: maximum number of riders, large unmet demand for high capacity transit, traffic and community impacts, and neighborhood access. Design will continue to be refined as the project moves forward. The Lincoln park and ride would be located at the current site of a WSDOT maintenance facility at 39th and Main. It would provide parking for high capacity transit riders of the Main/Broadway transit alignment north of downtown.

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