Transit Surfer(tm) Updates

We’ve just finished updating the Transit Surfer™ to use TriMet’s new REST interface – it certainly makes things simpler under the hood. There are some further performance optimizations we can get out of the new interface – but one thing at a time.

Users should not notice any difference, but they will notice another change that is being rolled out simultaneously. Previously we didn’t distinguish between split routes. So a #15 for example could be bound for either Thurman St. or Montgomery Park, and we would not identify which arrival went where. We had an interim change that made the distinction, but put the data on multiple lines, which was too verbose. The latest change makes the point, but keeps the data on one line, like so:

15 Montgomery Pk: 8 min; To Thurman: 19 min

This also affects the SMS (text message) interface in a similar way.

As always let us know what you think, or if you see any issues!

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