Transit Board Enhancements?


TriMet has a new display up at the 7th and Holladay MAX station that looks a lot like a Transit Board™. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :-) [Actually, I have no idea if this design was inspired by Transit Board or not, it’s not like the design is especially original.]

Does anyone know if these are slated to be rolled out at more locations?

But speaking of Transit Board, our re-release of the documentation a few weeks ago inspired several e-mails with suggestions for enhancements, and I wanted to put them out there to see if they resonated with other users:

  • Integrate schedule information with the real-time arrival info to show listings further out than one hour for people who need a long lead-time to arrange their departure (or have a long walk to the stop).
  • Allow an option to sort by boarding location rather than next arrival.
  • Have a different (less intrusive) effect (we currently use a ‘window-shade’ effect) for the data update transitions.

Please comment and let us know if any of those ring your bell (or if you have other suggestions).

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