Portland Transport’s Transit Tools

This post is intended to serve as the landing page for permanent user documentation for our transit tools, and will be linked from our sidebar navigation to make it easy to find.

Currently Portland Transport offers several different tools designed to make it easier for transit system users to access TriMet and NextBus data for real time arrives on buses, MAX trains and the Portland Streetcar. We are happy to say that we are an authorized developer under TriMet’s web service and proudly display the following:

Route and arrival data provided by permission of TriMet

Our current tools are:

Transit Surfer™ – provides real time arrival information via an xHTML interface designed for use on cell phones and other hand-held devices.

Transit Board™ – provides real time arrival information in an HTML/Ajax format intended for use on full-size computer screens.

An SMS (text message) interface

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  1. What’s the use of these things? Even if I had a cellphone with sufficient bells and whistles to use these services, they’re useles, unless trimet can somehow assure me that the next bus will not blow right by me at the bus stop, or pull over and take a ten minute break before my stop?

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