LOPAC Divided

Update: 8/9/07

Here’s the actual recommendation document (PDF, 490K).

Original Post: 7/12/07

According to coverage in the Daily Journal of Commerce the Lake Oswego Transit Alternatives Analysis Project Advisory Committee (LOPAC in Metro acronym-ese) is divided on the mode choice. The area subcommittees for the north and south segments favor Streetcar while the segment in the middle prefers bus rapid transit.

“As attracted as I am to a big, sexy project like the streetcar,” Brian Lantow, a representative of Riverdale, the unincorporated land between the two cities, said, “I don’t see it serving the population of the neighborhood.”

And then there is the question of which alignment to use through John’s Landing. Staying on the Willamette Shoreline trolley right of way would put the Streetcar only a few feet from some residents’ windows, but reduce total travel time by several minutes. Putting a the Streetcar in Macadam would increase ridership and development potential, but also increase project cost.

It’s going to be an interesting summer for LOPAC and the Steering Committee of local electeds who will sort through this. The first formal public hearing by the Steering Committee on this topic is Monday at 4pm at Metro.

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