Did They or Didn’t They?

And interesting sequence of e-mail forwarded by Sharon Nasset regarding the Columbia Crossing and the Coast Guard.

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Subj: RE: Earthquake & Bridges from the Oregonian
Date: 12/21/06 6:53:08 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Moeller.Jim@leg.wa.gov (Moeller, Rep. Jim)
To: Sharonnasset@aol.com

Hi Sharon:
Thanks for your email. I understand the bridge needs to be demolished due to river traffic safety concerns at the insistence of the US Coast Guard. Additionally, I understand the lift towers to be unstable and at risk of falling during an earthquake.

Thanks for writing.
Rep. Jim Moeller

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Subj: RE: Earthquake & Bridges from the Oregonian
Date: 1/4/07 8:16:50 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: William.A.Pratt@uscg.mil (Pratt, William)
Sender: William.A.Pratt@uscg.mil
To: Sharonnasset@aol.com


The Coast Guard has no jurisdiction over seismic integrity of bridges. Our focus is navigation. We have no final design as yet to review. We will evaluate the retention of any of the old structures when we have a final design. Our concern is with the configuration of these existing dual bridges with the downstream rail drawbridge as it confronts navigation, and not with the seismic status of any of the three structures.

Austin Pratt
Bridge Administrator
13th Coast Guard District

PS I’m not a Commander but a civilian administrator
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From: Sharonnasset@aol.com [mailto:Sharonnasset@aol.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 7:26 PM
To: Pratt, William

Attached is what CRC staff is telling elected officials after the Sept.
20th hearings. It is not what I heard at the hearings. What is the truth?
Thank you,

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