In Need of Auto Advice

My household has been on a declining curve of auto use. Last year when the kids headed off to school (we had four drivers and two cars at that point) we dropped down to being a single car family.

Last week our declining curve took a nose-dive as the remaining car, an ’89 Honda Accord, blew its engine.

While I’m trying to convince my better half that it’s time to go car-free and just do the Flexcar thing, I’m not winning the debate :-)

So the question is, if we’re going to buy a vehicle, what are the most financially efficient and greenest options?

Obviously we could go buy a new Prius, but I’m not very interested in that large a capital investment. What can we get that is both friendly for the planet and friendly on our bank account?

General requirements:

– Major use is daily commuting by my partner across town. She prefers something that gets her a little higher off the ground, giving her better visibility (her favorite car ever was a minivan when we were in the soccer mom phase).

– Occasional use for regional trips [i.e., the run down to Wilsonville to Frys :-)].

– Other less frequent needs can be met via Flexcar.

Interested in opinions and advice. Thanks!

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