Google Transit now integrated into Google Maps

A couple of years ago, Google launched the Google Transit service which allowed users to plan trips on an interface very much like Google Maps, using schedule data from transit agencies in various cities. (In fact, Portland was the first city chosen for this service.)

Recently, Google began integrating features of Google Transit into the main Google Maps interface… most noticeably in the form of icons representing transit stops on all map results (in supported cities). The icons are clickable to view transit lines and arrival times. There is even a special icon for the Aerial Tram.

Earlier today, the site published an article detailing the improvements to Google Transit… it covers a lot of ground and is worth a read.

One response to “Google Transit now integrated into Google Maps”

  1. First of all, note that the times shown are scheduled times, not TransitTracker times as Google is using a standard, static data set.

    Second, Google Earth nicely shows routes and stop icons, but only lists 6 routes per stop and does not show schedules or link to more information about a stop.

    Third, looking at the different World Changing ports on the topic, it appears that one of the reasons that Google Transit came into being is that TriMet’s trip planner output does not effectively link to their interactive map. I have made a mock-up of output with better links. (Note that, unlike Google, this would not help other agencies)

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