At last Thursday’s JPACT meeting, ODOT and TriMet presented their thinking about projects for the RTP update (PDF, 559K).

ODOT expects about $710M to be available for highway modernization projects (in the period from 2011 through 2035) and sorted out their priorities for those funds. They also presented ‘Ilustrative’ and ‘Refinement’ project lists for what they might do with funds beyond that.

It’s worth noting that only the first phase of the Sunrise corridor fits within the expected funds, and the only contribution to the Columbia River Crossing is for engineering. That would suggest that ODOT expects the CRC construction to be funded from something other than the usual flow of funds (perhaps a combination of tolls and special appropriations?).

TriMet was not so restrained. They put together a long wish list, far beyond what the anticipated $1.1B in transit funds is likely to pay for. I’m sure some of our readers will be interested to note that the wish list includes potential Commuter Rail and Bus Rapid Transit projects.

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