“Toward Car Free Cities” Heads Toward Portland

“Toward Car Free Cities VIII” a world-wide conference on reducing auto-dependence has selected Portland as its 2008 venue (mid-June 2008).

The local host is Shift (Shift your thinking to bikes), a member of the world carfree network [contrary to the name, the organization is not about the abolition of cars, just a reduction in reliance on them]. I’ve been asked to be a member of the local advisory committee, and attended the first meeting yesterday.

The theme for the conference is “Proximity” (the theme for edition VII – to be held in a few months in Instanbul – is “Building a Livable Future in a Changing Climate”).

We expect a big attendance draw from Cascadia and northern California. I’m interested in suggestions on how/where we might promote this locally and who we might solicit as interesting speakers on the topic of Proximity?

Please share your suggestions. I’ll keep you posted as the conference gets fleshed out.

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