Two Tracks to the RTP

Metro’s Regional Transportation Plan update process has moved into the project solicitation process.

Interestingly, unlike past cycles, Metro is asking for submissions under two different ‘tracks’.

The first track is the traditional regional mobility focus.

The second track has a community-building focus. I found this encouraging (more of a focus on access, rather than mobility). But the actual screening criteria for this (at least in the current draft) are still very mobility focused. You can find the criteria on the last 3 pages of last week’s JPACT packet (1MB).

My favorite is under economic development. Here’s the criterion to get the highest score:

Improve reliability on the regional freight network AND provides access from labor markets
and trade areas to the central city, regional centers, industrial areas, and/or intermodal facilities

Notice the ‘AND’. You could have the greatest project in the world to deliver employees to knowledge economy jobs, and you wouldn’t score because your project didn’t do anything for trucks.


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