Transit Safety Poll at the Business Journal

This week, the Business Journal’s poll is about how safe (crime safe – not traffic safe) you feel on TriMet:

Total crime dropped in 2006 on MAX and TriMet — to a total of 886 crimes from 988 in 2005. But there were still 88 robberies last year, and 156 simple assaults.

Do you think MAX and TriMet are safe enough?

Take the poll online.

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One response to “Transit Safety Poll at the Business Journal”

  1. The most disturbing thing about that poll are the comments.

    If you just read the comments you would think that our city was in the grips of crime lords and drug runners, and that it was not safe to set foot within 100 feet of a Tri-Met facility or vehicle.

    When in reality, here are the statistics:
    Tri-Met has roughly 300,000 riders PER DAY. That is 109,500,000 per year. Which makes less that .0008 percent of the riders involved in a crime, – or .0002 percent of riders involved in a robbery or assault.

    It just goes to show that our society is addicted to FEAR. Terrorists are going to get us. Drug dealers are going to get us. Crime is rampant – BE SAFE! STAY INSIDE! WATCH YOUR TV FOR UPDATES!!!! Oh yeah, and Anna Nicole Smith…

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