Previewing the Decision

Jim Mayer’s article in the Sunday O (“Next I-5 chokepoint: $6 billion“) puts the choices nicely into perspective:

The proposal from the task force staff boils down to a choice between committing the region’s energy, money and political will to a single megaproject — “Gargantua, the Bridge,” according to one critic — or doing nothing.

And regional leaders worry that the sheer scale and cost of the project could doom the entire enterprise politically, leaving a clogged, aging, accident-prone bridge in its wake.

Metro President David Bragdon said he doesn’t want to narrow the bridge options too quickly. “It would be a fiscal mistake and a political mistake.”

The key task force meeting is tomorrow at 4pm (even in our Google Calendar tells you a different start time) at:

Oregon Department of Transportation
123 NW Flanders St., Portland

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