Legislative CRC Meeting Today

A meeting I had not heard of, passed along courtesy of Jim Karlock. Thanks, Jim!

Joint Meeting of the Washington Senate Transportation Committee and the Oregon Senate Business, Transportation, and Workforce Development Committee

Friday, February 16, 2007
11:30am – 2pm
Port of Portland Building
121 NW Everett
Portland, OR


Welcoming Remarks
   Senator Rick Metsger – Oregon Senate
   Senator Mary Margaret Haugen – Washington Senate

Committee Introductions

Informational Meeting

Columbia River Crossing Project

Project Overview, Process, and Course of Action
   Doug MacDonald, Secretary – Washington Department of Transportation
   Matthew Garrett – Director, Oregon Department of Transportation

Economic Perspective
   Bill Wyatt – Port of Portland
   Larry Paulson – Port of Vancouver

Bi-State Columbia River Crossing Task Force
   Hal Dengerink – Chancellor, WSU Vancouver, Washington Co-Chair

Congressional Perspective
   Karmen Fore – Congressman DeFazio’s Office

Innovative Finance – State Authorities
   Jeff Doyle, Director of Public-Private Partnerships, Washington
   Jim Whittey, Oregon Department of Transportation

Committee Discussion

Hearing and Work Session

Joint Resolutions

Oregon Senate Joint Resolution 15 on the Columbia River Crossing Project

Washington Senate Concurrent Resolution 8405

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