Electrification Comes to Trucks

At least when they’re parked.

According to the Daily Journal of Commerce, we now have one of the first electrified truck stops in the nation in Aurora.

Drivers, stop your engines.


4 responses to “Electrification Comes to Trucks”

  1. Although I would like to see railroads begin to electrify the main-lines, there are still markets that the railroads are in-efficient for, and trucks filled the gap. Anything with a diesel gets a bad rap on emissions. Electrified Truck Stops will be a big help, and hopefully their is a marketplace for them.

  2. This good and we need to see a lot more truck stops setup with the capability.

    The environmental gain for all of us and our children and grandchildren will be understood more in the years to come.

    However when you read that article what came at me, was how much toxic emissions are coming from our trucks just idling.

    Equate this condition to trucks caught in congestion sitting on lets say the I-5 corridor with no option, no alternative, just caught in a corridor because government decided that they did not want to correct a problem that kills people by poisoning our air.

  3. “Anything with a diesel gets a bad rap on emissions.”

    They bring it on themselves. Diesel equipment operators of all sorts have been instructed that it is better to leave a diesel running at idle than to shut it off. So you may hear a diesel running for a half hour, or an hour, or whatever, with no one around, because they have been told that this will not harm a diesel engine. I think this theory is getting challenged as fuel costs climb.

    Because of this reasoning many people believe that diesels are cost effective–and it is true that some diesel engines run far, far longer than gas engines. Yet the cost of rebuilding a diesel engine is astronomical–and any added wear and tear in the start up process is highly questionable. So a gas engine may be a more cost effective power source in some applications–but I know truckers like the diesel for its overall reliability. Days out of service are costly!

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