CTRAN Pilots B100 Bus

Via the Daily Journal of Commerce. They’re also going to roll out B5 to their whole fleet.


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  1. It looks like C-Tran is taking the lead in our region in helping reduce emissions. They have their priorities correct.

  2. That is awesome.

    As long as I don’t see widespread ethanol adoption I know we’re heading in the right direction.

    Hats of to C-tran. Now if we can just get Trimet swapped over (of course pending a reliable and steady source is available) we’d really be making some headway.

    Next, cars, trucks, and other such autos! Weeehooo. We’ll be auto dependant and clean as a whistle, while letting the middle east starve itself without our fuel money dumping into that region.

    Ahhh, the grandiosity of it all. :)

  3. Also from the article: By the second quarter of 2008, C-Tran will purchase 12 40-foot electric hybrid vehicles.

    And hopefully, TriMet will increase from its present level of bio-fuel when it can do so without voiding engine warranties.

  4. I saw this on the front of Monday’s print edition – inside a rack, so I wasn’t able to read it until now – thanks for the link. I did read the press release and other info on c-tran.com last night.

    Really, it’s never been a better time to be a C-TRAN fan. Well, maybe except for Sept. 20th, 2005.

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