Streetcar Vehicle Pipeline

Update: The vehicles are apparently snowed in in Wyoming. Earliest possible arrival is Monday.

Two pieces of news on new Streetcar Vehicles:

  • Cars 8, 9 and 10 are almost here from the Czech Republic! Cars 8 and 9 landed in Baltimore just after Christmas and car 10 cleared customs in NJ on New Year’s Eve (significant because we had a congressional tarrif waiver that expired at the end of the year). They are now on trucks headed across the contintent. They are likely to unload at the maintenance facility this weekend. If I can get an exact time, I’ll post an update.
  • Finally (don’t get me started on Federal purchasing requirements), the City of Portland has posted an intent to award (PDF, 88K) for the prototype domestic Streetcar. Yes, Oregon Ironworks is the awardee.

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