Report from the CLF CRC Forum


Photo courtesy Jonathan Maus


Photo courtesy Jonathan Maus

Update: An audio clip (QuickTime player required) is now available at NW Progressive Institute.

I had an enjoyable time at CLF’s Columbia River Crossing forum last night. The crowd was lively, and generally skeptical.

A theme emerged, which is that many folks, including some elected officials and task force members (and yours truly) are very uncomfortable that the recommendation is to take only two real options into the DEIS (there are flavors, but they don’t amount to much difference): a very expensive bridge or a no-build. A lot of us would feel better if there were low- and/or mid-priced options going into the analysis, so that we can have some real cost/benefit trade-offs to look at when the DEIS is completed.

The question now is whether the task force, or one of the local governments that have to sign off the decision, will express the same concern?

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