Update: A few minutes later…

But wait, now the meme is on to BikePortland.org.

Update: 1/30/07

I don’t know if this is cool or silly, but here’s a case-in-point for the self-referentiality of the blogosphere and the mainstream media. I ran this post yesterday, and was told by Metro staff that it generated a media call from the Oregonian. Today, Jim Mayer runs this story in the O. Then, Gordon Price in Vancouver, B.C., picks up on Jim’s story via the Sightline Institute’s TidePool news service for his blog, Price Tags.

If the spiral keeps going, maybe we can get this story to CNN!

Original Post: 1/29/07

I commented recently that the re-written policy introduction to the Regional Transportation Plan was a strong indicator for really taking a different approach to the role of transportation in acheiving the 2040 vision for our region.

This was confirmed when I had a chance to read the Federal Highway Administration’s comments (PDF, 14K) on the policy draft.

It is difficult to find the transportation focus in this opening chapter of the Regional Transportation Plan. The current focus is about attaining land use goals…

Here, here! Now, if we just started all our land use plans by talking about transportation goals, we might finally acheive integrated planning.

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