CRC to Heal Vancouver?

In today’s Daily Journal of Commerce, Mayor Royce Pollard of Vancouver is quoted as hoping that based on the ramp design and possibly capping portions of I-5, he’s hoping the CRC will help heal Vancouver’s downtown.

“The concern for me and the community is that we have an opportunity to heal and reconstruct what was destroyed when they first put Interstate 5 through Vancouver,” said Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard. “We’re booming and we don’t want to do anything to harm that. This bridge is about the future economic viability of the region, and we ought to heal some of the things done in the past.”

This would seem to be directly opposite from the speculation by Oregonian Architecture critic Randy Gragg last year that the ramps could further impact downtown Vancouver.

Of course, capping the I-450 Freeway in Portland was a hot topic for a while. Coincidentally a reader just sent me a link about freeway capping in other cities.

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