Burnside, Prudent Streetcars at Planning Commission

Planning Commission took testimony for about 4 hours on the Burnside Couplet plan last night.

Proponents and opponents were relatively balanced (a few more opponents). As one Planning Commissioner noted, about half the opponents referenced Couch from 15th to 19th specifically, which indicates that the Cathedral and school were effective in mobilizing their constituents.

The Commissioners asked some pointed questions about costs and options, but no decision on a recommendation was reached, and it was left that the Commission would try to schedule a special meeting in order to arrive at a recommendation before City Council consideration on February 8th.

My favorite quote of the evening came from Commissioner Sam Adams (who presented the plan personally). When asked about the Streetcar component of the plan he said “It’s prudent to get these Streetcar plans into the hopper because it takes about a decade to get from concept to construction” (I’m quoting from memory, so that’s probably a paraphrase).

So let’s get some more of those Streetcar corridor ideas into the prudent hopper.

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