Category: Burnside Plan

  • Mayor Unveils West Burnside Ideas

    Mayor Adams posted a letter on his web site today, outlining stripped down alternatives for treatment of West Burnside Street. The focus is a much-reduced project, $18M rather than the original $80M. And it does not include streetcar: We completed the 25-year Citywide Streetcar Strategy. It showed me the need to prioritize streetcar extensions on […]

  • Eastside Openings this Week

    The East Burnside/Couch couplet has been in operation (and refinement) for a couple of months now, but the official ribbon cutting will be Tuesday at 9AM. In terms of real change on the transportation system, I hope the new signaling system for bikes as they cross the freeway entrance at Williams on NE Broadway (installed […]

  • Asking the Right Question About Burnside/Couch

    It would appear that the debate over the future of West Burnside and Couch is about to re-ignite. This will be round three. I participated in round one, back in the middle of the last decade, when I represented my neighborhood in NW Portland on the stakeholder committee. There was broad consensus during that process […]

  • Couplet on Blue Oregon

    Heads up. There’s a discussion of the Burnside Couplet going on over at Blue Oregon. Read and comment over there.

  • Couplet Lives to Fight Another Day

    I was fortunate to testify relatively early in the process yesterday, as part of one of about a half dozen invited panels. That was before some 80 members of the public testified. I had to leave immediately after my testimony to get to an MPAC meeting. I just finished going through almost six hours of […]