Columbia Crossing Attitudes – Quantitative

Last week we explored the focus group results from the Columbia Crossing task force.

At the end of the week, the quantitative results from the task force polling came out. The Oregonian covered these, focusing on the fact that the results from Clark County are more favorably disposed to Light Rail than in the past.

Here are the full poll results (PDF, 348K). There are lots of interesting tidbits in here, but I want to focus in on the questions about tolls on p. 12.

The tolling question was asked three different ways.

Tolling as a congestion management tool only garnered 35% support.

Tolling as a way to get more predictable travel times did only slightly better, at 36%.

Only when tolling was presented strictly as a way to fund construction, with a lower toll for maintenance after construction was paid off did support for tolling reach a majority (51%).

Note that there was no mention of tolling on I-205 as well.

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