Business Perspective on Burnside/Couch

The Daily Journal of Commerce had a piece on business opposition to the couplet a few days ago.

It contained an interesting contrast: Gerding/Edlen reiterated its opposition, while Greg Goodman indicated his support.

The interesting part is that Gerding is partnering with Goodman on a new tower next to Jake’s, just off Burnside.


One response to “Business Perspective on Burnside/Couch”

  1. Hmmm…funny there’s no mention of ex-PDC embarassment Mazziotti, now representing Schnitzer’s Real Estate interests. Properties which stand to greatly benefit from the couplet. We just hear that he’ll “contribute some of his own money.” Wow. Maybe we can name it the Arlene Schnitzer Inconcert Couplet?

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