RTP Exercise – What’s Working – Free Market Scenario

Adron has compiled his list of outcomes in a less government-interventionist scenario, so we’ll run this set of outcomes through the same three questions, starting with what’s working?

  1. Organizational Leadership is increased for business and related transit oriented development.
  2. Overall subsidization of the transit systems (including roadways) decreases by at least 50% at the state levels and users provide more representative costs.
  3. Companies locate downtown in greater number.
  4. Sprawl is minimalized and density is increased around transit oriented developments.
  5. Transportation costs begin to reflect true usage that create a decrease in vehicular person trips (auto & transit oriented) in the region.
  6. More liberty and individual rights are considered in transportation planning with minimal usage of Emminent Domain, preferrably Emminent Domain is NOT used at all while existing right of ways are utilized better and highway mileage is mixed with light rail (ala I-205 expansion).
  7. DMV & Operational Licensing of Motor Vehicles increases efficiency, providing better market statistics and relevancy, quicker consumer response to demand, decreased complaints and eliminating all associated tax burdens while focusing costs on users.
  8. Primary thoroughfares are allowed collection of electronic tolls, shadow tolls, and other funding sources to alleviate taxpayers of cost without use.
  9. A quicker response time and standardized approaches to accident removal/clearing from primary thoroughfares and light rail.
  10. Public/Mass Transit provides real services based on increasing transportation speed via express sevices on light rail, valid commuter rail options, and other faster commute options.
  11. Increase available rail options that provide more comfortable and commuter related services.
  12. Increased reliability during cold weather seasons and increase reliability in general to a significantly higher level than what automobile users receive.

Again, the question for this phase: What is working well to achieve the outcomes?

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