Reading the Tea Leaves

So what do the election results mean for transportation here in the region? Here are a few guesses/questions:

Nationally, Oregon will now have two strong majority voices on the House Transporation Committee (with DeFazio probably the vice-chair), which should be a great position for earmarks. Will a Democratic House mean more emphasis on alternative modes? The Republican House was already at odds with the White House on transportation issues, the new House won’t feel the same need to exercise restraint in their disagreement with the President.

At the state level, does Democratic control mean more programs like Connect Oregon? Hard to say.

Locally, will the strong positive response to Measure 26-80 and the election of Kathryn Harrington, who is reasonably in alignment with the current Council (compared to her opponent who essentially ran against Metro), give the Metro Council some confidence to keep moving a progressive transportation agenda forward? It’s also likely that at the JPACT table Clackamas County’s voice will change an octave or so as the County Commission will have a majority of two progressive women.

Interesting times. What do you think?

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