Kudos to the Trib

Yesterday’s Tribute was pretty much a special issue on Transportation, including a cover story, editorial and “ReThinking Portland” section on the Regional Transportation Plan update.

Overall I think they did a good job of framing the issues, and I’m in agreement with the editorial about needing leadership across all sectors of the community to deal with the challenge. While the articles don’t frame it this way what I think they add up to is the choice between investing in land use (e.g., the Centers in the 2040 Plan) to provide access versus investing in roads, transit and other transportation infrastructure to provide mobility (and of course the debate about which modes of transportation to fund).

In the self-promotion category, Portland Transport was mentioned in three different articles and two of our regular readers, Frank Dufay and Matt Collier, show up in a photo on the Streetcar (Nick Budnick, author of a number of the articles checks in on this blog regularly). Contributors Jim Howell and Bob Richardson were described as offering pragmatic solutions. And of course Rex Burkholder was prominent in the whole section.

Yours truly got quoted twice, once about Streetcar and once about the Columbia Crossing. I want an apology from Jim Redden, who described me as a local “consultant and transportation activist.” The second part is dead on, but I don’t know where he got the idea that I’m a consultant. Jim, I work for a living :-)

Even Ray Polani got an op-ed about the need for subway.

I’m sure I’ll get several posts out of the content from this issue, but for the moment here’s the set of links to the articles:

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