From Traffic Cams to BobbieCams?

Via Slashdot. Too bizzare to pass over. Apparently the London police are so happy with the ability to use the ANPR (Automatic Plate Number Recongition) technology from London’s cordon pricing system, they’re taking the next step: cameras on the helmets of bobbies.

Should we check on where ODOT’s traffic cams are being fed to?

2 responses to “From Traffic Cams to BobbieCams?”

  1. I can see why “1984” was derived from the mind of an individual living in England.

    Cameras, cameras, cameras. Soon the question won’t be where are the cameras, but where are there no cameras.

  2. Personally, I like the idea of cop-mounted cameras, as long as they run & record continuously while the cops are on duty. There’s a strong disincentive to police misconduct when their every move is being recorded for posterity.

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