Why I’m Voting for Measure 26-80

No, it’s not (direclty) a transportation measure. But it does have a big impact on our urban form, and therefore on transportation.

Measure 26-80 is the next phase of Metro’s Green Spaces acquisition program. The first phase, based on a 1995 ballot measure, has allowed Metro to purchase in excess of 8,000 acres of natural areas for preservation, parks and trails; and to help local jurisdictions create parks in urban areas.

Measure 26-80 would allow Metro to continue this program, including the acquisition of key natural resource lands outside the UGB. By doing so, even in a Measure 37 world, Metro can help ensure that future urban expansion does not sacrifice these irreplacable resources.

At the same time, 26-80 will provide funds to help build parks in our region’s urban areas. Parks and public spaces are critical components to keep our neighborhoods livable even as they accomodate more people.

I hope you’ll join me in voting YES for our future.

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