Security Dollars for Transit

The Portland Business Journal is reporting that Homeland Security has awarded $800K to TriMet and $150K to C-Tran for security.

Anyone from TriMet reading out there who can tell us how it will get spent?


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  1. I attended a number of public meetings related to the Transit Mall project, and there were a lot of things listed as “add backs” in the budget, meaning that certain project items were wanted but would not be implemented immediately unless specific funding could be identified or money was left over near the end of the project.

    Some of these categories related to shelters (total # of initial shelters), ticket machines (some stations perceived as primarily destinations may not get ticket machines right away), and security cameras.

    I haven’t been to a recent meeting, but last time I was there the discussion was that it was TriMet’s intention to lay a foundation for security cameras along the mall (necessary conduits, power, and planning) but not install cameras at all locations initially.

    It was mentioned that perhaps homeland security funds could fill the gap, so I’ll bet that a good chunk of this money will go for security infrastructure on the Transit Mall.

    – Bob R.

  2. Well, in the article it says that “TriMet will receive $800,000 for beefing up protection of Portland’s light-rail system.” However, I don’t know if the funds are really programmed for MAX (but my guess is that they could be used for cameras, dogs, etc) or if the writer was just equating TriMet with MAX.

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