RTP Exercise: Vibrant Communities

This is the first in a series of six posts in the first phase of our online RTP policy exercise. Your job is to describe what the outcomes will look like if the RTP succeeds in producing the 2040 objective of Vibrant Communities:

A vibrant place to live and work, and compact development that uses both land and infrastructure efficiently and focuses development in 2040 centers, corridors, and industrial and employment areas.

To remind you of the rules for this exercise:

– An ‘outcome’ must be reduced to a single ‘bullet’, i.e., a one sentence statement. You may follow that with a single short paragraph providing further explanation if you want.
– If you have multiple outcomes, submit one comment for each.
– If you agree with someone else’s outcome, quote it in your comment (my preference is italics for quoting) and say you agree and elaborate (no more than one paragraph) on why if you want.
No criticism of other people’s proposed outcomes
– If you have questions or comments about the exercise or rules, comment on the exercise overview post, not here please.

I will be a comment Nazi to enforce these – thanks.


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