Next Phase of the RTP Exercise

I want to thank everyone for their participation in generating outcome visions. It started a little slow, but it really picked up steam! Thanks for (mostly) following the rules.

Keep adding those comments, even as we start the next phase.

What happens next is that I am going to comb through the outcomes and pick a set of 12 that I think collectively represent a great vision for our transportation system. As you might guess, they’ll most likely describe a rich set of transportation choices supporting a pattern of compact development.

But I’d also like to get some other picks. Adron has agreed to do a set that focuses on a minimal-government-intervention scenario. If anyone has input for Adron into this, send your e-mail address to and I’ll pass it on to him.

Jim Karlock has also agreed to put together an auto-centric set of outcomes

Once we have our vision sets, we’ll subject each one to the next set of questions in Metro’s exercise, one at a time:

  • What is working well to achieve the outcomes?
  • What are some challenges to achieving the outcomes?
  • What are some solutions to achieving the outcomes?

So remember, ONLY TWELVE bullets in each outcome set, and we’ll start in on the next phase early next week.

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