Mall Bus Stop Relocations

TriMet has released the detailed locations of bus stops relocated for the Transit Mall reconstruction starting in January.


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  1. I picked up the printed version onboard a bus the end of last week, which also has a nice stop-by-stop breakdown.

    Did anyone else notice:
    – They left 35-Greeley off the Rose Quarter stops? Or is that because it stops across the way on Interstate?
    – 77-Broadway-Halsey looks like a big mess around Union Station? Does it magically teleport a few blocks?
    And, finally, will this be the official end of the colored sectors (i.e., Brown Beaver, Purple Raindrops, Red Salmon, Yellow Rose, etc.)? I know they’ve been downplayed quite a bit for the last few years, with some of the buses moving from one to another, but it was sure easy to explain to tourists and relocating co-workers wanting to know where they could catch their bus.

  2. Jason –

    I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that this will be the end of the iconic sector system as we know it, or at least a serious transformation. The reason is that there will be fewer than half as many bus stops on the mall as there are today, so you can’t neatly divide the stops up into sectors… some stops will have to serve 2 or 3 “sectors” in the new scheme.

    Just my 2c.

    – Bob R.

  3. The 35 Greeley will stop in the RQ on Interstate along with the 33 (as the 1 Greeley now does), not on Wheeler with all the other buses.
    Getting the 77 to the front door of Union Station has merit, but its a little confusing on the map of how it gets to and from there, probably via Broadway and Irving.

  4. As much as I wish they had avoided the need for all of this with a tunnel, I am impressed with their makeshift interactive map. I’m guessing a lot of work went in to making those pop-ups. Some comments:

    *I noticed the issue with the 77 when I first saw the map. According to the route discription, it is planned to make a backwards “S” using Station Way (in front of Union Station), Irving, Broadway and Everett/Glisan.

    *I don’t like how all of the lines are gray. It makes it difficult to tell which lines go where. I understand that some streets have too many lines to show every individual one, but not all do. This is why I made my own version of the current map.

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