Walking the (Freight) Talk

Sam Adams and Rex Burkholder seem to have gotten into a little dust up in the Friday’s Tribune (Freight mobility matters … at least in Portland).

We’re at the beginning of the semi-annual MTIP process, which allocates about $60M in flexible transportation funds. This is only about 4% of the total funds spent in the region on transportation, but since the rules on what it can be spent on are much less restrictive than most funds, it consumes a big chunk of the mindshare of the cities and counties vying for the funds.

Sam makes the point that in the current environment, with the economy and freight being top-of-mind, somehow only Portland is applying for MTIP dollars for freight projects. Rex counters that many jurisdictions are working on building out their general infrastructure, which will help with freight mobility.

Can’t we all just be friends?

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