TriMet Seeks Input on Web Site Design

From an e-mail blast from TriMet:

We want your opinion! TriMet, Metro and the City of Portland are building a new website to provide the public with timely information about the Portland Mall Light Rail construction project beginning in January 2007. Please help us make the site as useful as possible by taking this brief survey.


2 responses to “TriMet Seeks Input on Web Site Design”

  1. Just my personal opinion follows, but judging from the questions it asks (I took the survey last night), I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being a website similar to every other official website for a project like this – way too little about what’s really going on and how inconvient it is to everyone (not just transit riders, but also pedistrians, bike riders, and drivers), and a lot of “fluff” on how great and wonderful the project is, some things for the kids on “how things work” (which could be on any general information website), and a lot of “alternative methods” of getting the exact same information that one could get by simply going to the webpage. And – how could I forget – another marketing website for the fast food restaurants and hotels along 5th and 6th (which everyone knows are there anyway).

    Anyone else catch that it asks for your ZIP code, if you work in Downtown, and there’s only one question about how many times you go to Downtown (1x/yr., 1x/mo., 1x/wk., few times/wk., many times/wk.)? I wonder if this means they’ll throw out some of the responses, “weight” them to favor one particular group, or if they already have a website ready-to-go and are conducting the survey as a formality of a public agency?

  2. It seems fairly basic and straight forward to me.

    I also took it and am always interested in taking such quizs. I don’t know if they follow my suggestions or even read them but I always add quit a bit in the end.

    I’ve of course also inquired with Tri-Met about dozens of things ranging from getting service where it is NEEDED but not provided to getting me, myself, and I a tour of light rail operations (wouldn’t that be nifty). In almost every situation it boils down to the fact they don’t have enough personel to provide a tour or other service for me (or others) unless of course we bear the pen of check writing politicians. But unfortunately I’m just a regular citizen.

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