Next Chapter in the Burnside Saga to Unfold Next Week

Burnside project manager Bill Hoffman visited with the NW District Association transportation committee last week at their request to give an update on the Burnside project.

As previously reported, the project is now modeling a new set of alternatives. Bill indicated that the results would be communicated at two meetings later this month:

July 17th for “key” stakeholders (not sure who else is on the list)

July 26th for the full Stakeholder Advisory Committee

I have invitations to both meetings and you can expect word on the results of the modeling to appear here after the first meeting.

Bill did give one small hint into the results: the 2 west/one east option for the area west of I-405 is performing better than the 1/1/1 option (one lane in each direction and a center turning lane). This was my prediction and I pushed Commissioner Adams to get the 2/1 option into the modeling. Still unrevealed however is the amount of diversion of traffic into the neighborhoods that any 3 lane option creates compared to the 4-lane configuration that exists today.

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