Flexcar Low-Car Diet Challenge

Update 5 July 2006:

Just got a press release: looks like the Challenge is having a kick-off event tomorrow (July 6) at 11am at Pioneer Courthouse Square with the Mayor and other dignitaries.

Original Post 4 July 2006:

A piece in this morning’s Trib profiles one family participating in a program sponsored by Flexcar, TriMet, the Bike Gallery, Amtrak, the City, County and State to encourage folks to try life without a car for a month.

Some participants are blogging their experiences.

4 responses to “Flexcar Low-Car Diet Challenge”

  1. My Co-worker Nick is in this program – we’ve been talking bikes for awhile, and it was finally this that has given him the gentle push to give biking to work a try. Before the big first day, I’ve planned a morning next weekend to be his bike buddy to help one-one help him figure out a nice route to work and back, and how to get his bike on the bus. So when he bikes into work on July 10 he’ll feel completely confident. Congrats to all involved in this effort.

  2. Carye summed it up. I did need that extra motivation to get back on two wheels.
    A big thank you to FlexCar, Jay Graves of the Bike Gallery, and TriMet. I had the opportunity to speak with both Jay and Bill Scott, GM of FlexCar. All of the sponsors involved with this experiment have one thing in common, they want Portlanders to realize there are other ways to get around our city. Ways that are more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost effective.
    Also, thanks to Carye and the Portland biking community!

  3. Hi,
    My first time here and I got here by typing in Google – ‘low car diet portland’.
    I was wondering if anyone could help me find out who to get in touch with about this project.
    I am so very surprised that the Segway was not included in any of these alternatives.
    I know several people in Portland who use Segways to get to work daily instead of using their cars.

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