Another Reason for Streetcar to Celebrate

Just in time for the fifth birthday celebration for Portland Streetcar, word just in that the Oregon Transportation Commission has awarded $2.1M from Connect Oregon to the Lowell St. extension. This should cap the funding plan for the extension and insure the opening of another segment in about a year.

Connect Oregon is a $100M State program intended to complement the OTIA programs benefiting roads and bridges in the last few legislative sessions. Looking at the awards list, freight and transit are big winners.


2 responses to “Another Reason for Streetcar to Celebrate”

  1. Congradulations! I was just reading something and was suprised to see the streetcar extension listed. Also, this will make a nice connection to the Willamette Shore Trolley…that is, if it lasts that long since the rest of the trolley line is, after all, on the streetcar expansion list.

    BTW, I have a picture on my web site showing the streetcar tracks overtaking the trolley’s.

  2. I don’t care how many road you build, there stll won’t be enough room for all the cars and trucks. Dresden, Germany may have the answer as Volkswagen is using the tramlines to move their products around the city. Do Trucks Pay Their Fair Share? No they should pay a ton-mile tax as they run over free roads.

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