New Look Exercises

Friday was the infamous first New Look Regional Forum, which opened with an apology for the $30 registration fee.

Hopefully that’s the last to be said of that issue. I was there for about 2/3rds of the forum (sadly I had to leave for a City Club Forum on one of my favorite subjects). I thought the event was well done, with good introductory material, but most of the time spent on exercises in which the participants actually grappled with the hard choices that face the region.

I think the first exercise lends itself well to the blog format, and I’m going to use it as fodder for discussion here this week. It’s all about outcomes – how we’ll know when our efforts have achieved what we’re aiming for.

These are all in the format “We’ll know that [insert goal here] when [you provide indicator here].”

So let’s begin.

We will know our neighborhoods are safe and stable when:

I’ll even provide a first answer:

Every home in the region has a safe and pleasant walking trip to an elementary school and to a park.

What’s your outcome/indicator?

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