TriMet on Bikes on Bus

Apparently TriMet is following some of our discussions here about maxing out capacity for bikes on bus and MAX.

Here’s a note I recently received:

This is Kiran Limaye, bicycle coordinator for TriMet. I believe we met at a TPAC meeting some time back.

A while ago there was a post on your blog about how much we can scale the bikes on transit concept. With higher bike mode shares, most ‘platinum’ level cities focus on high quality parking instead of allowing bikes on board.

With that in mind, I wanted to let your readers know about recent efforts to improve our bike parking. They include:

  • On-demand smart card lockers,
  • Leveraging light rail project funds to support attended bicycle parking facilities downtown and,
  • Attended bike parking for Rose Festival & Pedalpalooza

Kiran also points out that TriMet now has an e-mail notice list specifically for Bike on Bus issues. You can sign up for it through their e-mail subscription page.

I’m glad to hear TriMet is thinking about this, but I’d still like to see them look at putting triple racks on frequent service routes!

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