A Different Kind of Congestion

Yesterday was a big travel day: from home to Wilsonville, back up to Hayden Island for the Columbia Crossing Open House and then to the Lloyd District for a economic development presentation.

All accomplished by bike and bike-on-transit. But not without some challenges.

Catching the #96 down to Wilsonville, three of us wheeled up our bikes at the first stop on the line to catch the last bus of the morning. I suggested that the last rider to arrive ask the driver if he could put his bike in the wheelchair spot – I have been told the driver has discretion, but have never seen an official TriMet policy on this. The driver said it was not allowed, and my fellow passenger had to lock his bike up to the fence next to the Greyhound station.

I used the Yellow Line both ways to Hayden Island. On each train there was a single low-floor car, so there were 4 bike hooks. For at least part of each trip, there were five bikes. Fortunately in that case the riders were able to stand with their bikes.

We definitely have a bikes-on-transit capacity problem! TriMet, are you listening?

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