Candidate Questionnaire II

Last month I proposed sending a Portland Transport questionnaire to all the candidates for Governor (well, at least the 3 top contenders in each party plus Mr. Westlund). I’ve been thinking more about this and have added a few questions. How about some more?

Will the budget you submit to the legislature include funding for high-speed rail from the Willamette Valley to Vancouver, BC?

The Sellwood Bridge, with a soundness rating of 2 on a scale of 100, was conspicuously passed over in the OTIA process. Some have attributed this to pressure from the trucking lobby, which wanted a 4-lane bridge instead of the 2-lane span (with bicycle and pedestrian facilities) suggested by the last major study. Will you support state resources for the bridge, and will this support be conditioned on a particular configuration?

Do you support the Oregon Apollo Initiative ( to reduce Oregon’s dependence on imported energy sources?

Do you support reclaiming the east bank of the Willamette River in Portland by moving, burying or removing the I-5 freeway?

What else?

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