Introducing Transit Board

We’re rolling out a new transit tool today, called Transit Board.

Contrasted with Transit Surfer, which is designed to be used on portable devices by people on the move, Transit Board is designed to serve fixed locations. It provides arrival times for buses and trains on a selected set of lines at a selected set of stops. The first instance we have deployed is for the Swan Island TMA. The Swan Island example is shown below.

We’re looking to deploy this where ever it can be useful. Our initial outreach efforts are focused on Transportation Management Associations, but we’re open to other locations. Want one on your corporate intranet? Or your coffee shop home page? Just let us know, we can tailor one for you. Right now we need to do the setup, but down the road we may offer the ability for users to define their own personal (or company) Transit Board.

Please share your ideas for where Transit Board can be useful!

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