Transit Surfer goes Production and New Interface Added

Thanks to all the folks who’ve been beta-testing our Transit Surfer tool. We’re releasing the official version 1.0 today, and it now has its own domain name:

There are currently two flavors: a wireless PDA interface (the one that’s been in beta test). It’s available now at

The new interface is for desktop web browsers, and can be found at It’s a little minimalist – you can look forward to enhancements soon…

And a high priority is the development of an interface for WAP phones. Watch this space…

2 responses to “Transit Surfer goes Production and New Interface Added”

  1. It’s looking great; I tried out the switching between the listed nearby stops and it worked great.

    Two suggestions:

    1) How about ditching comic sans? it’s not a font that commands much respect. (Or did you use it as a joke?)

    2) I still would like to be able to compare side-by-side the next arrivals for two stops. It’s almost as useful to be able to click on that link and then see when the next one arrives, but I’m constantly going to want to do exactly that (comparing the two stops nearest my house) and it would be nice not to have to use the mouse to do so.

  2. #1 – I’ll have to consult with my designer. Part of the problem is my execution, I didn’t get the anti-aliasing to work in Photoshop, I need to try again. It looks much better in the orginal Portland Transport logo that the designer did.

    #2 – It’s coming – I have a volunteer who’s going to help me with the profiling stuff that’s required. But I’ll probably work on the WAP interface first to get to the universe of non-PDA cell phones out there.

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