Unravelling Transit in Clark County?

I got a TriMet alert last week reminding me that TriMet Passport (employer-based passes) would no longer be accepted on C-TRAN premimum express routes as of September 1.

This sent me to the C-TRAN site to see what how else the TriMet/C-TRAN integration might be affected, and I found this page about C-TRAN’s “Service Preservation Plan”, which requires a ballot measure to pass in September.

Do we have any cross-Columbia transit riders reading out there? How has the decrease in resources to C-TRAN since the 2000 ballot measure affected your lives? How do you make your connections across the river?

How is the differing resource level for transit on each side of the Columbia affecting our regional efforts?

One response to “Unravelling Transit in Clark County?”

  1. I wonder whether there is anyone on the Oregon side who uses transit to commute to Vancouver/Clark County. How have they been effected by the changes?

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