Bookshelf: The New Transit Town

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A great overview of Transit Oriented Development principles and practices. Covers issues from planning to finance including case studies based on actual projects.

Explains why many TOD projects to date have failed to meet expectations (some have been oversold). Discusses the natural tension between being a ‘place’ and being a node in a transportation system.

Today’s question: How is Transit Oriented Development doing in our region? Which projects have been successes? Which not?

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  1. Wow…the summer weather getting to people. I expected a lot of discussion on this topic.

    My number one Portland TOD gripe, and there are lots of them, is Orenco Station. Yes, it is better than most of Hillsboro, but than again that isn’t saying much.

    The main commercial village is blocks away from the light rail station, and instead fronts the very busy Cornell Road. Bus service in the area is poor, and sidewalk connections out of the immediate area are lacking.

    The land closest to the station is practically abandoned. Hopefully mixed-used buildings will eventually get built here so that the area can gain the pedestrain friendlieness that it now lacks.

  2. I’ve often wondered about this distance from the station to the main street. Anyone know the history of this project and the reasons that may have motivated this?

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