[Updated] Secretly Gutting the Transportation Planning Rule

In 1973 the Oregon Legislature passed SB 100 creating a strong statewide land-use planning program. A set of 19 Statewide Planning Goals, are at the foundation of this planning. Every city and county is required develop local comprehensive plans that are consistent with these goals.

Statewide Planning Goal 12 is Transportation. Division 12, OAR 660-012-0000, is known as the Transportation Planning Rule (TPR) and provides the details for local communities to implement Goal 12. The TPR specifically sets details for developing Transportation System Plans, or TSPs, that guide local transportation investments.

On July 19th a Joint Subcommittee of the Oregon Transportation Commission and Department of Land Conservation and Development is set to recommend a complete overhaul of the purpose statement of the TPR! In almost complete secrecy, the process that was sparked by a few stakeholders’ concerned with the words “reduced reliance of the automobile” has turned into a total policy gut and stuff.

The First sentence of the current TPR currently reads:

The purpose of this Division is to implement Statewide Planning Goal 12 (Transportation) and promote the development of safe, convenient and economic transportation systems that are designed to reduce reliance of the automobile so that the air pollution, traffic and other livability problems faced by urban areas in other parts of the country might be avoided.

The TPR provides the teeth to alternative mode advocacy and vision to Oregon’s transportation planning. ODOT is quietly behind gutting it. I appeal to you to get involved demand a transparent and full process.

The LCDC Commissioners on the Subcommittee are: Hanley Jenkins, Ron Henri and Marilyn Worrix

Contact members of the LCDC at: http://www.oregon.gov/LCD/lcdc.shtml#Current_Members

Read the Proposed Changes to the TPR Purpose Statements:

Read the TPR at: http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/rules/OARS_600/OAR_660/660_012.html

[Thanks to Rob Zako for a primer on the TPR]

Updated July 20, 2005

ODOT has posted a better side-by-side comparison of the old and new language (PDF).

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