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  • What Happens in the 2015 Legislative Session?

    Rob Zako moderates the essential OTRAN listserv. He posted this a few days ago and has graciously given his permission to have it cross-posted here – Chris. Whether the Columbia River Cross is still alive or dead—there are mixed reports, but the sense I am hearing is that a loss of $850 million in federal…

  • Thoughts on the Statewide Transportation Strategy

    The Statewide Transportation Strategy is part of the Oregon Sustainable Transportation Initiative. The Strategy aims to provide “promising approaches” to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in three main sectors: ground passenger & commercial services, freight transportation, and air passenger movement. The Strategy includes recommendations that are designed also to further other goals such as “livable communities,…

  • Upcoming Jarrett Walker talks in Oregon

    Well-known transportation planning consultant (and native Portlander) Jarrett Walker, who wrote the book Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich our Communities and our Lives, and authors the blog Human Transit, will have two speaking engagements in Oregon. The first, down in Lane County, will be entitled “Eugene-Springfield Transit: What are the…

  • Oregon lands $9 million HSR funding

    $4 million to renovate Union Station, $5 million to study/plan the Oregon section of the “Cascadia Corridor”. Coverage at sustainable business oregon.

  • The Oregon gubernatorial election and transit looks at the Oregon gubernatorial election between Democrat John Kitzhaber, and Republican Chris Dudley, and its potential affect on transit in the Portland area.